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Melipona Honey Secrets

The stingless bees are very selective in their search for flowers, which is why they produce the finest and most nutrient-rich nectar.

· Melipona Honey,Stingless Bee Honey

Our Melipona Stingless Bee Honey is produced in such small beehives of the subspecies Melipona Beechei which means "Sacred Mayan Bee" by Master Mayan Artisans and Bee Farmers down in the Yucatan, just like they have done for generations over hundreds of years!

Stingless Bee Honey is Much More Liquid than regular Bee Honey, as it has over 24% of Humidity and has a sweet taste with a soft vinegary notes.

We cannot claim it actually has such Amazing properties, however the ancient Mayans used it to treat all sorts of ailments, from digestive, to immunological, to increased vitality, increased stamina, increased reproductive performance, increased circulation of the blood, throat ailments, respiratory diseases, immunity booster, fevers, insect bites, eye diseases, skin diseases, skin burns and lesions.


These all sound too good to be true, however some people from all over the world still travel all the way to the Yucatan just to find this rare elixir!

What Is Melipona Honey, and Why Is It So Good?

The syrupy Yucatán honey comes from stingless bees and has some incredible properties.

Yucatán, a state in the southwest of Mexico, is dense with treasures: stunning Mayan ruins, historic haciendas, sacred limestone sinkholes, and cochinita pibil, an intoxicating slow-roasted pork dish. It is also home to some very special stingless bees that produce Melipona honey, a smooth, slightly sour elixir cherished by ancient and contemporary Mayan communities.

Meliponicultura, as the production of this honey is called, began over three thousand years ago. The honey was used extensively by Mayan healers to treat eye, ear, respiratory, digestive, and postpartum conditions, and still is in many Yucatán communities today. Because this native species of Melipona bees (Melipona Beechelii) absorb more of the nutritious properties of the plants than other bees, its honey contains more fructose than glucose, which results in some unique flavor and textural properties.

Melipona honey is more watery than your average honey, and less prone to crystallization. It is traditionally used more for medicinal purposes rather than flavoring food. Indeed, scientific studies have shown that honey from stingless bees (called Xunan-Kab in Mayan) offers more antioxidant and inflammation-reduction properties than honey produced from stinging bees.

Melipona Honey 100% Pure

But the silky honey tastes wholly unique, with slight umami and acidic notes, which is why it's caught the attention of international chefs, not to mention wellness-obsessed internet users intrigued by its touted health benefits.

Here in the Yucatan they produce honey that’s more syrup like and can hold acidity as if lime was added. It’s also an old Mayan medicine.