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Melipona Honey The Mayan Elixir

· Honey,Melipona

Melipone honey, the most used natural product in Mayan medicine, is considered a food of the sun; creator and regenerator, elaborated mysteriously in the stomach of honey bees.

Mystics and healers, honey bees have unique qualities that distinguish them among all honey bees.

Melipona Honey

Since pre-Hispanic times, the Mayan culture understood and took advantage of the features that make this stingless bee, one of the main sources of nutrition, healing and preservation of the environment.

In addition to providing honey listed as a "divine elixir", the melipones perform 80% of the pollination of forests in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Their food is very selective, they only visit native flowers of the region that are rich in antioxidants, and do not contain any type of chemical process; That is why the honey they produce has high medicinal properties.

According to different studies carried out on melipone honey, it contains properties that regenerate and protect the immune system.

In the Mayan communities, melipone honey is used to combat diseases of the eyes, ears, skin, mouth and internal organs; as well as to calm fevers and heal bites and snakebites.

Melipone honey is also linked to the fertility and physical and emotional well-being of those who consume it.

Both the production process and the use of honey have ancestral symbolisms that live today in new generations of Maya meliponiculturists. The "jobon", a hollow trunk in which melipona hives develop their honey, contains in its physical structure symbolisms that allude to the sky, the earth and the Maya underworld.

Melipona Honey

According to tradition, the meliponicultor must be a noble person, without discord that protects the melipona jobones and carry out rituals of gratitude and prayer to the four "Bacabes", founding gods of the Mayan apiculture and protectors of the melipona bee.

The meliponarios must be cared for with affection and respect for an optimal production of honey. A peculiarity of care to jobon, is the song of the meliponicultor to the bees, which carries in its lyrics and harmony an ancestral culture full of tradition and mysticism.

A melon bee jobon produces approximately 1 liter of honey per year when the environmental and care conditions are optimal.

The consumption of melipone honey is highly demanded for its medicinal properties and for its authentic flavor, as well as being totally organic by the process of honey production of meliponas.

A liter of honey means, a whole year of work, care and love of the meliponicutor and this sacred bee, unique in the world and native to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Melipona Honey

Life is the flower for which love is the honey