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Move over, manuka? Stingless Bee Honey better for health and environment.

Melipona Honey!

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Honey from Stingless Bee species native to the Mayan Yucatan, Mexico is been touted as superior to manuka honey.

Trigona Honey, from Melipona beecheii, the bee named by mayas xunan-kab, is purported to be low in sugar, highly sustainable, and strong antibacterial. Its GI is also said to be 3.5 times lower than that of manuka honey.

Stingless Melipona Bee Honey

Produced in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico mayan area and sold by Fresh Produce Group under its Meliponini Brand, the honey is native farmed.

The bees are reared for pollination, not so much for their honey. What you get is honey that´s 100% pure, in terms of fructose content.

Melipona Honey is 17% sugar, which means it's low-GI. Theres´s practically no glucose in it; it is pure fructose, from fruit nectars and flowers of the mayan tropical jungle.

The flavour is generally sweet-sour, but really like its complexity and rawness.

Melipona Honey kills 83% of bacteria.

The main difference between manuka and Melipona Honey is consistency. While the formers antibacterial properties come from nectar collected by Apis mellifera bees, the latter´s comes from the beehives themselves, which boosts the consistency of the honey´s antibacterial qualities.

Melipona Honey is also suitable for skincare purposes, not unlike manuka honey. The melipona honey antibacterial propierties can fight acne and blemishes, with some customers apparently using it as a face mask.

Stingless Melipona Bee Honey

Melipona bee honey is a thick, sweet-sour liquid obtained from stingless bees of the genus Melipona. ... Their nesting habits are unique and vary: They can build their hives in hollow trees and shrubs, or even in termite mounds within or under the ground.These bees produce small amounts of honey, but of excellent quality.

Stingless Melipona Bee Honey

Beekeeping was particularly important in Mayan culture, which developed interesting management processes.